Do You Need Car Insurance? Check out the advantages and disadvantages here

Do you need car insurance? This one question must have appeared in your mind right? Especially if you just have a car. There must be a fear of accidental damage to your vehicle. In this condition, what to do?

Is enrolling a vehicle in an insurance program the only way? Or maybe there is another solution which can give better result? If you have to use insurance, what type of insurance should you choose? How about good money management so that insurance premiums are not burdensome?

To answer all these questions, of course there are steps that must be passed. One of them is to conduct an analysis in advance of your needs and the available insurance products. This is an important phase that should not be underestimated.

Do You Need Car Insurance? Consider Some of These Reasons

However, this life can not be separated from the name of risk. This risk penetrates into various sectors of life and includes one of them is in the ownership and use of a car.

When you have a car, it is not impossible if the vehicle experiences unexpected events such as lost, damaged by being hit, accidents, scratches, abrasions and so on.

When you do not have insurance, of course the cost to cover all these risks must be taken from each other’s pockets. But when you have insurance coverage, there are other parties who will help you in solving these problems.

You only need to make a report and the insurance will pay all the costs needed in the repair process. The condition, you only need to pay a premium every month. There are several main advantages that you will get when you take out car insurance.

  1. Vehicle Protection Guarantee

Having a vehicle protection guarantee is the most appropriate answer to the question, do you need car insurance? By having car insurance, you can be free from the risk of accidents or theft.

So you can avoid the risk of serious damage to the vehicle due to unexpected things. Maybe this benefit you can not feel directly. But in the future, there will definitely be benefits to be gained.

  1. Helping Financial Planning

Another answer to the question of whether car insurance is necessary is to help you plan your finances better. With this good financial planning, the planning that you have previously prepared will not be disturbed.

This will certainly have a very positive impact on the stability of your economy. So even if there is serious damage to your car, this will not at all interfere with the budget that has been prepared for other things.

  1. Creating a Sense of Security

Undeniably, having car insurance gives you a sense of security. Travel anywhere you will not feel anxious. Everything has been covered by using a policy agreed between you and the insurance provider.

But still you have to drive carefully in any condition. Follow traffic signs carefully. Also make sure that your car is in good condition when driving.

  1. Form of Investment Facility

Another reason for the question of whether car insurance is necessary is a form of investment. From an economic point of view, however, this insurance is a very good investment vehicle to have.

Let’s just say you save regularly to get a much better future. Cars with insurance guarantees certainly have a much higher standard because all of their components are taken care of according to the selected policy.

  1. Getting Some Additional Services

Another reason why you should have insurance services is that there are lots of additional services available in it. Examples are free service at the workshop, 24-hour hotline facilities and other services.

You will not find this additional service at all if you do not use insurance coverage. Even if there were, the cost would be very high. Therefore you must take preventive action from now on by having car insurance.

Types of Insurance and Policy Benefits

In addition to understanding what are the reasons that make you have to have insurance, another thing you must understand is the type of insurance itself. It is important to understand that car insurance itself is divided into 5 main options.

  1. All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance, meaning that all risks are covered by the guarantee. Neither the worst risk that occurs to the car or to the driver. Not only bad risks, small things such as scuffed or damaged cars can also be claimed by using it.

  1. Total Loss Only Insurance

Total Loss Only insurance only applies to those who lose their car or experience damage with a percentage of 75% or more. This means that the car can no longer be used because the damage is too severe.

  1. Collision Coverage Insurance

Collision Cover is for those of you who are not careful. So if there is an accident caused by the negligence of the driver, the insurance company will cover all the costs needed to repair it.

  1. Liability Insurance

The existence of liability insurance may be able to answer it. This insurance allows you to get a comprehensive repair guarantee on the car. However, there is an additional fee given to the driver.

  1. Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection is intended for drivers who have an accident. So the insurance guarantee can only be claimed by the driver and not for the vehicle. Unfortunately not all insurance providers provide this facility.

How to Claim Car Insurance?

In addition to answering the question Do you need car insurance?, Of course you also have to know how to claim from the insurance itself. This is the complete guide.

  1. First you just need a photo of the last vehicle condition
  2. Submit the required files as needed
  3. Go to a partner workshop that has been determined by insurance
  4. Fill in the available claim form
  5. Now you just have to wait for news from the repair shop and insurance provider.

Basically you have to follow all the regulations that have been determined by the insurance provider. Also make sure to understand all the points that we have explained above because these explanations can answer the question do you need car insurance at this time?

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