Popular Datsun Car Insurance Recommendations

Datsun car insurance is a coverage product that is used specifically to protect Datsun cars. This protection relates to the cost of repairs due to damage or the risk of losing the car.

Why is it important to have insurance? Because you will lose more money on repairs or replacements when there is a risk of damage or loss. It is more economical to transfer all risk to a third party.

In addition, for new car owners, this is very profitable. Of course you don’t want your new car to be scratched because of the use factor, right? In order to maintain his appearance, you can buy a policy and get coverage.

Types of Datsun Car Insurance

There are various types offered by insurance companies. Before deciding to buy a policy that is offered, make sure you have chosen the type, so that it fits your needs. Here are the recommendations.

  1. ACA car insurance

Ideal for your 7 year old vehicle. This product is managed by Asuransi Central Asia who has experience in providing vehicle protection. You can buy a policy for all risk coverage or total loss only.

The premium for all risk coverage is IDR 218,000 per month. Meanwhile, the total loss only premium is IDR 48,000 per month. Total loss only is cheaper because it only covers a minimum of 75% damage.

There is something interesting for TLO coverage or total loss only. That is, during the repair, the customer will be given a replacement car facility. Also provided a car pick-up service to the nearest repair shop.

Free ambulance tow facility in case of accident. Then there is a guarantee of spare parts for 6 months. So it really makes it easy for users of Datsun car insurance services.

  1. Zurich Autocillin Insurance

The next recommendation is Zurich Autocillin. Zurich Autocillin offers all risk coverage with premiums starting from IDR 257,000 per month, while TLO premium prices start from IDR 55,000 per month.

The all risk premium will be used to pay for all damages, both small and large. So it is natural that the amount to be paid by the customer is also greater than the TLO.

The benefit provided by Zurich Autocillin to customers is the submission of claims through a mobile application. Then there are also free towing facilities, ambulance and emergency road assistance to vehicle registration extension services.

Datsun Car Insurance Premium Price

The difference in the price of insurance premiums between all risk and total loss only coverage is different. Products from any company will certainly apply the same thing. This is because this is a policy and regulation from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Where there is a minimum and maximum limit between the two. This has been regulated by OJK in SE Number 6/SEOJK.05/2017 regarding Determination of Premiums or Contributions to the Property Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance Business Lines.

So according to the OJK circular, the Datsun car insurance premium and other types are influenced by two factors. The first is the area, the second is the price of the vehicle. Here are the details.

  1. Region Category

Divided into 3 regional categories. Namely Region I (Sumatra and surrounding islands), Region II (DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Banten) then Region III (other areas not included in Regions I and II).

  1. Car Price Category

Datsun car insurance premiums are also affected by the unit price. Category I: Rp 125 million, category II: Rp 125 – 200 million, category III: Rp 200 – 400 million, category IV: Rp 400 – 800 million, category V: more than Rp 800 million.

For the simulation, the premium can be calculated by yourself using the formula for the percentage of car insurance premiums (all risk or TLO) x car price = premium cost. To make it easier to understand, an example is given below.

  1. Sample All Risk Premium Price

Hamka bought a Datsun Go type D MT in 2022 at a price of Rp. 112.09 million. Domicile in Bandung area (plate D). The premium is 2.29% x Rp.112.09 million = Rp.2,566.861,- per year or around Rp. 213,905 per month.

  1. Example of Total Loss Only (TLO)

Analogous example of question number 1. Then the calculation of the premium to be paid is 0.42% x Rp. 112.09 million = Rp. 470.778, – per year or around Rp. 39,231 per month.

Terms of Submission of Insurance Claims

Each company based on the product applies their own rules in terms of filing a claim. However, there are not many significant differences. More or less what you need to prepare is as follows.

  1. Original or photocopy of insurance policy.
  2. Copy of SIM and STNK.
  3. Evidence from the police report, including a written chronology (in case of an accident).
  4. Claim form that has been completed and signed by the policyholder.
  5. Documentation of all events in the vehicle from all sides in the form of photographs.

After completing all the above documents, then you can immediately submit it by documenting the damage or loss after the incident. Make a damage report to the insurance company a maximum of 3-5 days after the incident.

Next, submit all the documents along with the application form to the insurer, namely the designated company. Some companies are now integrated through digital platforms, so the process can be easier and faster.

After the application is received, the insurer will conduct a survey and analysis. This is done in order to calculate the estimated loss, as well as the factors that may not be insured.

Once approved, then your car will be taken to the nearest workshop that is included in the partnership. Basically, for this claim does not take long. As long as all documents are complete and in accordance with the requirements, they will be processed immediately.

Recommended companies that can cover all vehicle risks continue to grow. Each policy may change, especially with regard to the amount of premiums, types of services, types of coverage and others.

You can also add reference information for companies that provide other insurance services. Of course, there are still many who provide Datsun car insurance services.

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