Sompo Car Insurance, Understanding, Advantages and Product Options

Sompo car insurance is highly recommended for those of you who frequently use private vehicles for mobility. Every condition in nature is often unpredictable. It would be better if you were on guard against all the risks that might occur.

The rate of road accidents in Indonesia is high. Many factors play a role such as heavy traffic, drivers who do not obey the rules on the road and other unexpected factors.

Whatever the cause, it is important to have protection. So when the risk occurs, the losses suffered are not large. Because it has been transferred to a third party, namely the insurance company to bear it.

Not only when there is a risk of an accident on the road. If you lose your vehicle wherever you are, it can also be replaced if you have insurance. So you no longer have to worry about carrying and parking wherever you are.

Sompo Car Insurance at a Glance

Sompo Holdings is a Japanese company that has been operating since 2001. Initially this company was introduced to the Indonesian insurance market under the name Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

This large company already has various other businesses at the international level with more than 40 years of experience. Since 2002, the company has won various prestigious awards.

Among them as “Best General Insurance” with a category of gross insurance premiums above Rp 1 trillion. This was obtained during the period 2006-2016. In 2017 again received an award as “Best General Insurance” for the category of assets above Rp 1-3 trillion.

In 2017 the company was also awarded as “The Most Innovative General Insurance 2017” according to the Global Brands Magazine Award. This shows that the company has high integrity and dedication in providing services.

Each award goes through an evaluation and assessment stage. What is achieved by this insurance company cannot be separated from the quality of each of these assessment variables. Including customer satisfaction as users of its services.

Similar to other insurance service providers, here are 2 types. Namely All risk and total loss only. Where both have different characteristics. Total Loss Only, helps reimbursement of costs at once if the claim is approved.

Meanwhile, all risk insurance reimbursement will be provided on a cashless basis. If you use expansion benefits such as guarantees for passengers, you will be given reimbursement for hospital treatment costs according to the policy provisions.

Advantages of Using Sompo Car Insurance

The first advantage of the company’s services is easy claims. This is a consideration when customers will buy premiums. Because the goal is to compensate for losses when a risk occurs.

Claims must be easy and fast so as to increase customer trust and satisfaction. And this has been proven by Sompo car insurance. The company also provides electronic claim services or e-claims.

This is a service with a new breakthrough. Make it easier for customers to file insurance claims. Faster and safer of course because it saves time and can be done anytime from anywhere.

The next advantage is affordable premiums. Customers are certainly happy if they get coverage but pay less. Assist customers in managing their finances.

Certain products provide lucrative premium discounts of up to 20%. This discount does not affect the benefits and services at the time of claim. So it is very profitable, plus the premium can be paid in installments without interest or 0% for a period of 3 months.

Customers can compare policy facilities. So that you can know which one is the most appropriate and according to your needs. You can download the application to monitor it directly, you can also contact customer service if you want it faster.

Another advantage is that the buying process is very easy. Can be through an online insurance marketplace. All information related to Sompo car insurance is provided in it for consideration.

Especially for vehicles, the average period is 1 year. But to make sure, you can directly contact online customer service. Because each facility can change its policy.

Preferred Products and How to Claim

Each insurance company has a wide selection of plans for customers to use. So there are various options that can be tailored to your needs. Its use can be precise and efficient both in terms of benefits and premiums.

  1. Comprehensive or All Risk Car Insurance

This product guarantees reimbursement for all types of losses due to accidents and other risks recorded in the policy. Starting from minor, partial, and total damage. Also against the risk of fire due to fire, lightning, water and or other equipment.

  1. Total Loss Only Car Insurance or Called TLO

The coverage provided includes a guarantee of protection against the risk of damage where the repair cost is equal to or more than 75% of the actual value of the vehicle. The coverage benefits include third party liability, passenger and driver accidents.

Then also legal responsibility to third parties, demonstrations, riots, terrorism and sabotage. Also the risk of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

  1. Sompo Autofirst Car Insurance

This product provides protection if the vehicle breaks down due to battery problems, leaking tires, and running out of gas. The benefits include: Emergency Road Assistance facilities, 24-hour online services, Towing Car facilities, as well as partner workshops that are widespread in Indonesia.

Of the three products above, there are 2 ways to claim. The first is manual, namely by filling out a submission form that can be downloaded from the official website. Then within a maximum period of 3 days from the time the risk occurs, directly contact the company so that it can be processed immediately.

The second way is online via e-claim. Make sure the policy is active, go to the official website, fill out the claim form and the required requirements. After all the conditions are complete and submitted, you just have to wait until it is confirmed that it is approved.

To be faster, the process can be monitored directly by actively contacting the call center. After that, you can search for info on the nearest partner workshop to immediately get Sompo car insurance benefits.

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