The Best Car Insurance Simasnet You Should Know

Simasnet car insurance is engaged in car, property, travel, personal accident, and pet insurance. Because the service is complete, everyone wants to join the insurance.

The high rate of accidents every year. Make car drivers think about various additional costs to anticipate the incident. however, all of that can be overcome by buying a policy at a certain insurance company.

The policy is a contract agreement that is involved by both parties. That is, between the insurance company and the policyholder’s customer. Its function is as the third administrative document for the insured to pay the premium.

Simasnet insurance for cars can be claimed easily when it meets all the requirements proposed and set by the insurance provider. Therefore, you should be aware of the various conditions of a particular warranty.

Vehicle safety guarantees should be given special attention. Its purpose is to help with expenses in the event of damage or loss. Later, the payment will be borne by the insurance company.

You can use insurance simsnet for cars to maintain complete protection. The same is true of guarantees for human health. One of the biggest benefits of having insurance is that it makes it easier to cover any shortfalls.

What is Simasnet Car Insurance

Simasnet insurance for cars now called simas insurtech is the first digital-based general insurance company in Indonesia. All policies provided here can be purchased online.

This company is under the Sinar Mas group. Its main objective is to focus on providing various types of insurance. Various conveniences will be felt by the users. Starting from registration to being able to claim certain guarantees.

Simasnet car insurance has been established since January 20, 2015 under the name PT Asuransi Simas Net. More than 85% share ownership by Sinarmas Multi Finance and 15% by Pt Sinar Mas Multi Artha Tbk.

This insurance company has spread to various regions of Indonesia. therefore many people trust as the best service provider.

Getting to Know More about Simasnet Insurance

Simasnet car insurance has been registered as a part of the Indonesian General Insurance Association. The company has obtained an operational permit based on the Minister of Finance Decree dated October 21, 2014.

Therefore, this insurance company has been known to many people, especially Indonesian citizens.

Simasnet insurance for cars has various achievements and achievements that have been achieved spectacularly. Among them is the Best General Insurance Award 2019 Equity Group.

How to Claim Simasnet Insurance for Cars

After knowing some information about the insurance company Simasnet. Of course you have to understand how to claim the insurance coverage. Because many people have problems when making claims.

For this reason, Simasnet insurance for cars provides several ways to claim insurance quickly and easily. If you have made several claims, but still fail, you can contact the insurance directly to the head office or online.

  1. Making a Claim Report

The first step in claiming a guarantee on insurance is to make a detailed report. There are several main requirements that must be carried out by the customer. One of them is to send a maximum of 5 days from the start.

  1. Making a Written Report

When you have taken the first step in making a car insurance claim, then make a written report. By coming directly to the head office or branch in a place closest to you.

Notes! Fill in completely and carefully. To avoid errors when filling out form data. The goal is to avoid rejection in claiming insurance. Therefore, this should be very carefully considered.

  1. Filling out the Claim Form

When you have filled out several forms submitted by Simasnet car insurance, you have to fill in one more time. But different from the previous format. Usually at this stage, it is directed to tell the chronology of damage/loss to the customer’s vehicle.

In this section, special attention should be paid. Starting from attaching evidence data in the form of documentation and showing the condition of the vehicle.

  1. Prepare a Police Letter

Before coming to the Simasnet insurance office for cars, the next step is to make a note from the police. The aim is to provide evidence of who the perpetrators of the damage to the vehicle are.

If it is caused by personal negligence, it is very likely that the claim will not be processed. Because there are several main requirements that must be obeyed by the customer. Among them is the driver is not conscious / drunk.

  1. Prepare STNK and BKPB

You must prepare all important documents to serve as strong evidence to the insurance company. When the vehicle does not have supporting documents, such as STNK and BPBK, the claim process will be complicated. In fact, rejected.

Because insurance for car insurance is a big company and already has various rules that are strengthened by certain parties. Of course, the system will always be kept secure.

  1. Prepare Vehicle Owner Identity

This is an important document. Namely have an ID card and driver’s license. If you don’t have both of these requirements. then the claim will be rejected. In fact, it can be further processed in court. Because, do not have a license to drive.

There are so many trusted insurances in Indonesia that aim to help motorists when a problem occurs. Including the car insurance company Simasnet.

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