TLO Car Insurance, Advantages, How to Claim and Tips

TLO car insurance is insurance that covers repair costs with total damage of up to 75% or more. From this it can be seen that the protection provided by allrisk insurance is greater.

The TLO type provides a guarantee of replacement costs if your vehicle is lost or damaged with damage conditions above 75%. For example, if the vehicle hits the pavement and causes damage to the bumper, you cannot claim TLO.

Damage such as this case example can be claimed if using all risk coverage. Except for the case of loss, for example lost when parked in front of the shop. Or a serious accident whose calculations are almost irreparable as before.

Advantages of TLO Car Insurance

The main advantage is that the premium is cheaper when compared to all risk. The difference is quite significant because the coverage is also limited. It is highly recommended to used car owners.

By paying an affordable premium, you can manage your finances more optimally. Especially if you have a used car that is old, usually in addition to insurance needs, maintenance costs are also needed.

Another plus is, the benefits can be expanded. So actually TLO car insurance is flexible to use. You can add benefits such as protection against natural disasters, riots, fires and so on.

The additional benefits of this coverage are quite affordable. You as a policy holder are only charged an additional fee of 0.05% to 1.3% per year. You are also allowed to change the type to all risk if it is more necessary.

By using TLO car insurance, you have taken efficiency steps. Where if there is a risk of an accident, the repair costs can be very expensive. It is more effective and efficient to transfer it to a third party.

Expenditures for repairs that previously could be up to tens of millions, for example, can be borne by the third party. So it can be said that the sum assured is much higher than your monthly premium.

The advantage of this one is quite important, namely replacing the risk of loss. No one can guarantee that your vehicle is safe even if it is equipped with keys, sensors and parked in the house area. One day it could be stolen.

And this is not only for new, but used vehicles too. So that it provides security as long as you own and use a vehicle wherever you are. As long as it is in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed with the insurance company, the loss can be covered.

How to Claim TLO Car Insurance

It is important to know how to claim in the event of a risk to the vehicle. The steps are simple, you can follow several steps as follows.

  1. Report Claim

Immediately make a report on the losses experienced within 5 working days of the occurrence of the risk. Reporting claims can be done by making a phone call to the call center, you can also make a report via an online application.

Many companies have provided digital platforms for customers. So that you no longer have to bother when you experience the risk of damage, accident, disaster or loss. Can immediately make reports online.

  1. Prepare Documents

Prepare the necessary documents, if you don’t understand anything, you can ask directly to the call center. The document is also accompanied by a complete claim form according to the product. Send documents via or facsimile, along with photos.

  1. Check Partner Workshop

Go to the nearest workshop that is registered as a partner. You can look for it through an online application or contact the call center. Don’t forget to fill out the TLO car insurance claim form, complete the signature and stamp duty.

Make sure the workshop is credible. The management is fast, uncomplicated and in accordance with the correct calculations. Don’t let you incur other costs as an additional burden that ends up harming you.

Then you just have to wait for the confirmation process. If the insurance company agrees, then the car will be repaired immediately. This is the stage for claims in the event of an accident and damage.

If the case is a loss, the first step must be to make a loss certificate from the police. Write a chronology of events, then include documents such as ID cards, driver’s license, STNK, BPKB, insurance policies and loss reports in submitting the claim.

Tips for Claims Not to be Rejected

In many cases, the process of submitting a claim to the insurance company has been rejected. This is due to various factors, requirements that may not be met.

Car insurance claims of any type must be taken care of immediately because the time limit is short, only 3 x 24 hours. At a minimum, immediately make an oral report by contacting the call center or via the application.

Must complete the required documents. So you have to remember exactly what is needed. Such as photos of the condition of the car, police certificates, photocopies of SIM and STNK and of course the claim form.

If the case is an accident, it is necessary to ensure that there is no element of law violation. For example, the driver does not have a driver’s license. This can cause the coverage to be canceled, due to a violation.

Pay attention to the area where the accident occurred according to the area clause in the agreement. To find out, you can read from the policy book. You can also search for information online if you don’t have a book with you.

If there are modifications to the car, also report it to the insurance company attaching the coverage value of the accessory. And the most important thing is to make sure that the policy is still active to avoid rejection.

You are also not allowed to do damage intentionally. Especially for cars whose condition is no longer new, usually certain parts are easily damaged. If it is later discovered that the damage was intentional, then the claim will definitely be rejected.

Modern society must be aware of the importance of insurance, especially for vehicles. Because the risk is increasingly vulnerable to occur due to crime, security conditions such as riots, then also natural disasters. It is safer if you have TLO or other car insurance.

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