Understanding BCA Car Insurance, Types and Advantages

BCA car insurance is one of the guarantee products that are widely used by the public in this modern era. Of course, there are many advantages that this insurance product has. No wonder then there are so many customers who choose it.

Carrying the name of BCA as one of the best financial services in this country is certainly one of the more points of BCA Insurance. The legality and credibility of this one guarantee product need not be doubted.

Its services have also spread in various corners of the country. For those of you who are interested in using these financial products, of course, you must know them more deeply. There are many guarantee sub products to choose from in it. Don’t make the wrong choice.

What is BCA Car Insurance?

Talking about BCA insurance cannot be separated from PT Ganesha Cipta Danamas. This one company was founded on December 1, 1988 in the city of Bandung. Now the company has changed its name to Transpacific General Insurance (TGI). The name change was carried out in 2006.

4 years later or in 2010, BCA Finance and Dana Pensiun BCA acquired Transpacific General Insurance and incorporated it into the BCA Group. TGI also changed its name to Central Sejahtera Insurance.

Right on December 23, 2013, Central Sejahtera Insurance was officially changed its name to BCA Insurance. When this name change occurred, BCA had a 75% stake in the company. Meanwhile, BCA Finance owns 25% of the shares.

Not only BCA Car Insurance, there are many guarantee products provided by this one company. Among them are property insurance, money, micro personal accident insurance, fire, transportation, liability, engineering and so on.

Several Types of Current BCA Insurance

In general, there are only two types of BCA car insurance that you can choose at this time. Of course each has advantages and disadvantages. It is very important for you to know the two types of insurance products before buying them.

  1. Total Loss Only (TLO) Car Insurance

The first type is TLO Insurance or Total Loss Only. Total Loss Only we can interpret as only if there is a total loss. This means that the insurance company will only replace the vehicle if you lose your vehicle due to theft or confiscation.

So what about the damage caused by the accident? BCA insurance will continue to make replacements. The condition is that the damage to the insured car reaches more than 75%. Otherwise, the replacement will not be performed at all.

Why should it be 75%? This is because cars with damage in that number are less likely to be used again. The advantage of using this insurance is that the premiums are very affordable. TLO premiums are clearly regulated in OJK Circular Letter No. 6/SEOJK.05/2017.

  1. All Risk/Comprehensive Car Insurance

Another type of BCA car insurance is All Risk. people also often refer to it as comprehensive alias comprehensive insurance. When you choose this type of insurance, all risks that may arise in the car will be covered by BCA.

This means that you can claim any type of damage that occurs to the car in accordance with the insurance agreement. For example claims for loss, claims for minor damage due to being hit by another vehicle, or even claims for serious damage to the car.

So when your car has a slight scratch, the insurance will replace it. Because the protection of this type of insurance is very comprehensive, it is not surprising that the premium costs are quite high. All risk premium rates are regulated in OJK Circular No. 6/SEOJK.05/2017.

Terms of Buying BCA Car Insurance

When you are going to buy this BCA car insurance, of course there are several conditions that must be met from the start. These conditions are very necessary for filling and issuing the policy later. Following are these conditions:

  1. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  2. Copy of Driver’s License (SIM)
  3. Copy of STNK
  4. Other supporting documents in accordance with BCA Car Insurance policies.

Some of the conditions that we have described above are very important to fulfill from the start. The goal is that your insurance application process can run smoothly without encountering any obstacles. For more details, you can also consult the nearest BCA Insurance branch.

If these steps have been fully carried out, the buyer only needs to pay the premium according to the policy issued to BCA Insurance. The payment method is also quite easy because it can be done online.

Advantages of Having BCA Car Insurance

When you have BCA car insurance, of course there are several benefits that will be obtained. Of course, the series of advantages that we will explain here are the main reasons why people use this one guarantee service.

  1. Maximum Protection

The first advantage you will get from having BCA car insurance is the maximum protection. So you don’t have to worry when the car requires handling after an accident or loss. Everything is covered by BCA as an insurance provider.

  1. Easy Claim Process

BCA Insurance also guarantees a very easy claim process for all their customers. The claim terms and procedures are not at all difficult to fulfill. This is a form of maximum service provided.

  1. Care Investment

It is undeniable, with the ownership of your vehicle insurance will be much better maintained. The car is also free from various risks that might make it unusable. Proper maintenance also keeps the car’s resale value high.

Actually, there are many other benefits that you can get from owning this one insurance. But some of the points above are the main advantages it has. Until now, BCA Car Insurance is one of the insurance services with the most customers.

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